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Welcome to Small Train Layouts

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This shot was taken on a layout that occupies
only 4 square feet (0.36m square)!

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A small train layout is a model railroad that occupies 32 square feet (3 square meters) or less of space and provides a fair level of operating potential.

If you feel that you don't have the space for a model railroad then you are at the right place. This site is intended to provide ideas and inspiration for modelers who think they don't have enough space to build a layout.

rpp fisika kelas xi semester genaprpp fisika smk Some benefits to building a small layout are:

  • Usually takes a short time to complete
  • Very reasonable cost involved
  • Small enough to super detail to the nth degree
  • Portability: it can be taken to shows
  • Easy to store

You can see various layouts in HO, HOn3 and N scale in the Layout Gallery. A wealth of modeling information is in the Articles section. If you have any queries feel free to contact me here. Happy railroading!

Please remember this site is still a work in progress so check back often for new content!